Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Back In The Saddle

Yipee-kai-yai-yo, rockin' to and fro...after a period of adjusting to the humidity, a friend's encouragment regarding safety, several mazes of streets and angry stray dogs, I'm back to running!

In the early mornings you will find me running the streets of Sanur, Bali, taking in the sights and smells and enjoying the differences between here and the States. I am able to run on the main road, some small roads, and most enjoyably (is that a word?), the recreational path along the beach. The shopkeepers are setting out their souveniers, the first tourists are enjoying breakfast in the beach-front restaurants, workers are sweeping the path and grooming the beach, the smell of breakfast cooking-fires permeates the air, girls are setting out the morning offerings (mostly Hindu here), and gamelan is playing somewhere in the distance.

What a great start to the day!


christy said...

christy--good for you! that sounds so much more exciting than your average running experience. i am somewhat of a reluctant runner, but i am trying to like it better since it is such a cheap and available way to exercise. i am thinking about running the bolder boulder 10k this spring, so i better get going!

alisha said...

Good for you, what a great place to run, and seeing all the different sites while doing so. How fun. Hope all is well and that the boys and Charlie are doing good. Is Thomas feeling better?
Love you all

mom said...

Quite a fun start to a day! I'm learning so much from your adventures in Bali. Proud of you for running! I bet it's not easy to keep up the self discipline in a place that is so laid back, but you're doing it. Good for you. Hope all is well. Love to you all-

Lacey said...

Good for you, sounds like an interesting place to run around. Have you seen many other people (I guess tourists probably) while running?

joysnatcher said...

C - Go for it! Do the 10K! I also enjoy the "cheap-ness" of running, but another plus is - it's fast. I have a hard time walking when I know I'll burn more calories and get it done faster running. But once I start regularly running, it's hard to stop.

A - Yes, T is better! But now the virus (for I am forced to assume that's what it was) is making the rounds. C had it this week and tonight Charlie is down with it. C's mouth "hurt" and was sensitive to the same foods T was, but he didn't get the crazy sores and swelling. Charlie so far just says his mouth hurts. What a weird thing to be affected by a virus! (Please don't let it be me next!)

L- Yes, there are a few tourists running now and then. I also see several elderly Japanese people (I guess they're tourists, too, just not the same race as me.) One morning I saw four middle-aged Japanese women walking and talking, complete with visors. I was reminded of home! And there is the occasional older Balinese man on a morning health walk, but never Balinese women - maybe not accepted for them???

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