Friday, January 26, 2007


I haven't said anything about this because I don't want anyone to hate me. I know that all of us LOVE to cook. Every day. And we particularly LOVE to clean up. Especially three times a day. Plus snacks. But, tell me the truth, if you were told to give up the cooking for a while, someone else was going to do it (and the cleaning), would you do it? Be honest. Okay, so can you blame me?

It turns out that labor in Bali is quite cheap. There is also no workman's comp. Apparantly no reporting employees to the government. This makes it incredibly easy to "hire help". Everyone does it, and it's actually beneficial, because the "help" needs a job. We were hoping to do this when we got here, but I honestly thought of it as a pipe dream. This week it became a reality. We have a wonderful Javanese lady named Nita working in our home Monday-Friday, 11am until after dinner. She cooks and she cleans up the mess, she will even help with the transient child, she particularly enjoys helping said transient child finish his meals. This is good because his parents would probably give up since they haven't gotten around to buying a high chair and he isn't great at remaining seated. Nita helps with this dilemna.

And she cooks great. Well, so far three days of great. We are eating our vegetables again! We are eating great-tasting food! And I found out that since there is a lot of down-time between lunch and dinner she can do some grocery shopping for me! Get out of town! So I may be able to just go once a week for the typical stuff while she does the actual meal shopping. I love it!

We told her today that she has to come home with us.

Hey, maybe I'll learn to cook a dish or two. No promises, though.


alisha said...

Wow, someone to cook and clean up the dishes. How great. What a treat for you. And a bit of extra help with the little ones, always a plus. :) Glad that things are going okay there. And glad to hear that Thomas is feeling better, but sad the that Charlie and Charles are not well. Hope that they feel better soon and that you don't have to worry about getting it. We miss you guys, love Dave, Alisha and Aubrey

Anonymous said...

How fabulous and what a blessing! I am so happy for you. I think I speak for most of us Moms when I say that if we could hire Nita...we would! I look forward to hearing more about your life in Bali, and we all look forward to your return.


mom said...

Ok, I'm totally jealous. Someone to cook for your family. Someone to help you with things that need to be done. Life is so good for in Bali, will you be coming home? I hope so, cause we miss you all! Have a good time, and give the boys a hug for us. (Maybe this would be a good to begin a book about your adventures).

be_a_Mary said...

YAY! That sounds amazing! I'm so happy for you! After hearing the nightmare of what it was like shopping in the grocery store, YAY that you don't have to do that every week!

Larissa said...

Ooo how fun! It sounds like you all are being well taken care of. Enjoy your household help, what a blessing!

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