Friday, January 19, 2007


On another, non-sick-baby note: the currency here is the rupiah (Rp.). We also call them "roops" - as in; "It only cost 5,000 roops!" Approximately 9,000 Rp. equal $1. There are bills and coins, just like in the U.S. The coins are in the denominations of 100, 200, or 500 rupiah. This makes these coins worth less than one penny.

Which brings me to an interesting observation: when I go to the grocery store and the bill comes to Rp.100,600, I am expected to pay the 600Rp. over 100,000 (reasonably so). Conversely, if my change comes to 1,400Rp., I get a 1,000Rp. bill and some candy. "Candy?" you say. Yes, candy, and while the boys love it and I can't say I really mind I am forced to wonder...when my bill requires coins, can I give them candy instead?

A friend posed this additional question: are these little, individually wrapped candies part of the currency? Can I, in fact, save these candies with the end goal of buying something? Will thousands of these candies someday buy me a house? Points to ponder.

Also, who thought of this? Were there some government guys sitting in a meeting one day when this came up?
"Well, the Balinese don't really mind not getting exact change, but it's really hard to explain to the tourists that the coins aren't really worth anything, and we don't want to bother with making sure that we always have them, so what can we do?"
"Maybe if we just give them SOMETHING, they won't mind."
"Hey, my brother-in-law can get these little candies for almost nothing."
"Yeah, let's try it. If anything the tourists will be so surprised they won't say anything."


mom said...

I'm glad Thomas seems to be feeling better. I hope he continues that way. As for the currency thing, you pose some interesting questions. You're in an interesting country!Who woulda thought?? As you're just going to bed,have a good night.I hope everyone sleeps well tonight. My day will be better knowing Thomas had seen a dr.Love you all bunches,
give the boys hugs for us.

Anonymous said...

As long as they didn't ask me, "Would you like to open a charge account today?" I'd accept candy. :-)

I've been reading all your posts, and even made a long reply, which got lost in transit somehow. :-(

Laura had her 1st ear infection with fever, etc. She was lethargic and sad. She was also cuddly - what a joy for me! She fell asleep - and stayed asleep - in my arms. She laid on my chest and stared blankly into lethargic space - and for 2 whole days, I got a cuddly, snuggly baby girl. She's all better now - back to arching away and wanting to be put down... AT least I have the memories.
We miss you!

alisha said...

Yum, candies for change, what little person wouldn't want candies instead of money? :) As for me I think I would like some change. Uncle Dave will post some more for his guys, now that he knows how to do it. :) And we are looking forward to your return home to see all of you.
kkuuuyggnnmm,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,mnn bbj,.,bnvb/./.k,m,mmkkmmmmmm jjkkkl./yyuyyjuaaaaaaaaa
That message was from Aubrey she misses her friends and cousins and her Uncle Charlie and Auntie Christy. We love you all

joysnatcher said...

Hi Audrey! I've been thinking about you, so sorry Laura was sick, but I know how it can be nice as long as you know they're getting better. It's not so bad having cuddly, sleepy kids. (not-so-nice when they have the stomach flu, but otherwise...)

Alisha, the boys miss Aubrey and all of our family, too. I didn't realize how much until I mentioned Dave to Charles and he was ready to go see him.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christy,
I'm so glad to hear that Thomas is feeling a bit better. I can't even imagine dealing with the medical community in a non-English speaking country. It's difficult enough in Australia where they speak (almost) the same language. As for the currency, I have been dealing with absence of a one cent coin over here. Apparently the government decided it wasn't necessary and did away with it. However, the prices will still come to $4.98. So, there is a lot of rounding up or down to the nearest five cents. This really isn't a big deal until you get a bill from the bank for one cent. My friend had to have at least three different conversations with bank employees to explain why she wouldn't be able to pay! Congrats on finally finding a place to live. It sounds just perfect and I'm quite envious of the housekeeping situation!!!


alisha said...

Hi there, just checking to see how everyone is doing. Dave heard on the radio this morning that there had been a earthquake, so my dad helped me do a quick look on google earth and we could see where the earthquake hit and where you guys are at. And I must say I felt a bit better knowing how far away you were from it, but still thinking that you might have felt some of the after shocks. We hope that all is well and that Thomas is feeling better. We are always thinking of you guys and miss you bunches!! Love us

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