Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Celamat Pagi!

"Good Morning!" We're here and safe and oh-so-happy. We arrived yesterday at 3:00pm after quite a journey. We really enjoyed spending so much time with the boys on the plane. What a treat to get to play one-on-one and hold them while sleeping and make special beds on the floor for Charles. It was nice not to have the daily distractions (and to have so many fun new toys and treats provided by our family)! Nevertheless, 19hours of flying and around 30 hours of travelling left this little family pretty tired.

It's been fun to see the boys' reactions to everything from Thomas' excitement over so many scooters: "mo-ky-co! mo-ky-co!" ("motorcycle"), to everyone's happiness at how warm the ocean is. For our first two nights we have splurged and are spending a whopping $55/night on a great hotel. The breakfast buffet alone was awesome, no continental breakfasts here! Not only was everything possible included to make a Western breakfast, but we also had the option of pasta (very good), fried chicken, fried rice and noodles, sushi, green and carrot salad, cucumbers and fruit. A great selection, though not what one would find at home.

After this we'll move to a cheaper hotel and look for a rental house while Charlie starts working with our carvers.

Thanks for all of your prayers!


mom said...

Glad to hear you and Charlie are safe and sound. It sounds like you're having a great time and you're enjoying sharing Bali with the boys. I'm especially glad the trip over, though tiring, went well. Give the boys big hugs for us. Looking forward to your next news.

Lacey said...

Glad you arrived safely! Sounds like the boys had quite an adventure. I know who I am consulting when I need to travel with this little one! God bless you all, can't wait to hear more about Indonesia!

alisha said...

So glad to hear that you arrived safely. The boys sound very excited about their new surroundings! Hope your time in Bali goes better than expected.
We miss you already.

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