Thursday, December 14, 2006

Price Check!

Most things here are a little cheaper than in the U.S. It's fun to look at prices and compare:
McDonalds Sundae = 5,000 rupiah ($.50)
McDonald's Super Value meal (average) = 2,700 rupiah ($3)
jaffle (see below) = $.50
dinner for 2 in nice restaurant = $8.50 (babies fell asleep)
large rental car for month = $350

I use the McDonald's example because it's one most of us are familiar with.

Yesterday I enjoyed my first "jaffle" of the trip. I'm not sure of it's roots, but it's like a pressed grilled cheese sandwich. The difference is they put all kinds of stuff in them. I have, in the past, enjoyed a cheese, tomato, and garlic jaffle. Yesterday I had a cheese, tomato, and pineapple jaffle. It ended up being pretty good. The menus get quite diverse as far as jaffles, I tend to stick to the pretty mundane stuff.

Today posted on the back seat of our cab was a sign on how to avoid HIV/AIDS, it was kind of funny (original spelling and grammar):
1. abstinence seks
2. be faithful
3. use condom
4. no dirty needles
5. education
I found myself wondering: how does one engage in abstinent sex? how does one practice abstinence while using condoms? so if I use a clean needle, it's all good?

The boys are great. We are swimming our brains out. Charles is ready for us to buy him a surfboard. Thomas was running (imagine that) and took quite a spill into the corner of a stone wall. I think he will end up with a black eye and a good scar on his eyebrow, but he's already forgotten about it. Everyone continues to spoil the boys and they are enjoying lots of free candy and attention. At a department store yesterday they had approximately 8 sales girls cooing over them. My goodness.

We will be changing home base to a little town called Canguu (pronounced Chahn-goo). Neither of us have been there before, so it should be fun to see something new. Rumor has it there are a lot of Western families in that area and the housing is cheaper than in other resort areas. We'll be looking for a house to rent and hear that's a good place to start. We'll see!


alisha said...

Wow the prices are amazing different compared to here. Sounds like Charles and Thomas are doing good and adjusting very well. Oh to be cooed over. What fun for them! Good luck on finding a place to rent. Sounds like a nice place where you guys will be looking. Give our love to the boys, we love you guys too.
Dave, Alisha and Aubrey

be_a_Mary said...

I have a friend who practiced abstinence with a condom. :) LOL.

Those cheese sandwhich things sound yummy. I bet it is fascinating to learn so much about another culture.


Lacey said...

Ooo jaffles sound yummy! The prices remind me of Ghana- if I ate local food I could live off a dollar a day. Oh dear, pregnancy craving for fufu.

So glad things are going well. Good luck on finding a rental home!

Anonymous said...

I just love that you have this blog. We have the flu today and it is nice to take a side trip to Bali.
Won't that be interesting to hear about your new Western friends someday soon... Maybe you'll meet some before Christmas and have a little home feeling there. Prayers and more prayers,

mom said...

It sounds like your little family is adjusting real well. What fun for the boys. You will all be as tan as Charlie when you come back, and the boys will be swimming like little fish! Love and hugs to you all

annecourager said...

Very interesting! Keep us all informed of the culture changes! :) Jaffles? I'll have to look on allrecipes to see if anyone talks about them.

Have a happy Christmas!

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