Monday, August 21, 2006

Face of the Earth

I bet you were wondering if I indeed fell off the face of the earth. Well, those of you who read this. All three of you. I didn't. I'm here. Charlie is home. He is presently making carrot/celery/tomato juice with Charles in our new juicer. He announced us as "hippies" today. We're not true hippies. We don't grow pot in the backyard (we don't even have a backyard), but if we did we wouldn't grow pot in it. Promise. But we do own a new Breville juicer. This is the first "juicing". It's delicious!

It's nice to have a daddy at home. He was gone a long long time. One whole month. And he's back. The boys are having a blast. And Charles is currently sporting a carrot mustache. Did you know you could have that?

So we have been inundated (our new favorite big word) with trying to figure out how to run a small business. We are currently converting our garage into a functional office and our kitchen walls are plastered with whiteboards and calendars. This isn't "new", but we are new full-timers, and are trying to make a go of it. I have my own jobs (admin, accounting - which is really quite comical since I've never been the person you would call on to help with math), and am valliantly trying to keep it all together. Ahem - my bathrooms haven't been cleaned in quite some time. So my blogging might be sporadic while we try to get it all together...but I am here.

Oh yeah, and I'm ten pounds lighter, and still going strong!


alisha said...

Hi Christy
Glad to know you all are still here! The juicer sounds fun and maybe a bit tasty. Might have to try it out next time we see you guys. Good luck with converting you garage. I know you guys will get everything figured out. And mostly congratulations on the 10lbs. See you could do it. Maybe it was you missing the romantic person in your life, :) and now he is home and everything is better. We miss you guys and are looking forward to your next visit.
love Alisha Dave and Aubrey

be_a_Mary said...

So you ARE alive. YAY--that makes me happy. :) (for I would be super sad if you were not)

Congrats on the 10lbs! I'm glad Charlie is home safely to love on you & the boys.


annecourager said...

Heyyyy you're back!!

Carrot mustache...just wait until your SKIN turns orange!! Ask me how I know this. lol

So nice that hub is finally home. I know things just don't feel "right" when mine is away.

And WOOT on the 10 lbs!!

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