Tuesday, August 29, 2006


So, one night Charles got it into his head that HE was putting Thomas to bed. Charlie thought we'd give it a shot, and Thomas loved it. C read him a book and gave him his bottle. Then he went downstairs with Dad and T and wrapped the baby up (yes, my 14-month-old still gets swaddled), rocked him, and helped Daddy put him to bed. Charles was so proud of himself. What a great big bro! And what a great baby bro for letting a two-year-old take care of him. I guess I am no longer needed. Or maybe they'll still let me make dinner for them.


mom said...

Very cute, especially those little feet!! I guess Thomas doesn't realize that he is about the same size as Charles! What great pictures!

alisha said...

Those are the cutest pictures of the boys. What a great big brother Charles is! We miss you guys and hope all is going well.
love Alisha and family

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