Sunday, July 30, 2006


I don't think I've been "joysnatching" lately. I'm not sure what happened. I think it's the lack of daily support I usually get from my husband. He'll be home soon, so I'll be better. Which begs the question, how much do I rely on Charlie to keep me accountable to seeking joy? How much more should I be relying on God?

And, honestly, when you've just cut everything you love to eat out of your diet, even God seems far away. Isn't that silly? How temporal am I?

More importantly, where's the popcorn?

As Anne Shirley is fond of saying, "Tomorrow's a brand new day, with no mistakes in it yet." (not a direct quote). And as Dr. Laura says: "You don't 'try', you do it."

so...tomorrow I WILL be joyful. tomorrow I WILL enjoy every moment I get with my kids, my parents, and other relatives and friends I only get to see when I'm home visiting.

and I WON'T think about popcorn...too much.


be_a_Mary said...

OK Christy,
you inspired me! I start SB today! When we got home yesterday I went to the store and bought a bunch of non-carb things. We'll do it together!


be_a_Mary said...

oh, and btw, i think a lot of us struggle with having joy when we've gone the long haul. i know that is true for me. when curt is gone i pull up my boot straps and use all my UMPH to get through, but it is hard to 'get through' with a happy heart, especially after several days of being alone. i cannot imagine several weeks without him!

don't be too hard on yourself. (but i admire your tenacity and determination to stay happy despite!)

joysnatcher said...

Yay, Karen! Okay, you have to call me if you need any encouragement. I myself have made several calls to Sara and my SIL who have both done these kinds of diets before. They assure me it gets easier. (Do you have the book?)

be_a_Mary said...

Yes, I have the book. Stage 2 is a lot like the GD diet I was on for 6 months. So I can attest, it does get better. You find what works and what meals you like and it becomes the new normal of how to eat. Today has been hard. Mostly in the afternoon. But I'm at a point where I'll try anything. (And you were the best motivator!)

annecourager said...

wow, popcorn is what keeps me alive on Weight Watchers.

ahem, when I'm DOING ww, that is.


Get your mind off it and drink a glass of water!

How soon till Charlie comes home?

joysnatcher said...

August 9, baby! And I am so excited. We'll go home to his little bros wedding.

And I'll be done with the hardest phase of my I'll celebrate with some - ever-so-little - popcorn. tee hee.

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