Friday, July 28, 2006

To Wit

To what? I haven't a witty thing to say, or anyone to say it to. It's cooling down up here in Sacramento and Daddy has been gone a long, long time. We're missing him terribly, but are having a great time with Grandpa, Grammy, and the rest of our Sacramento family. When Dad gets home with the laptop I'll post pics.

I finally got back to running 4 miles a day...I'm very excited, and yet, mysteriously not losing ANY weight. I even cut out quite a few carbs, though I don't really believe in doing that. So, to take desperate measures, I bought the "South Beach Diet" book. Yikes. I am not a dieter, but 20 pounds overweight is not where I want to be in my child-bearing years. I know the diet isn't how I want to live forever, but I also know I can keep the weight off once it goes. I just finished my third day - Mom's doing it with me. Here goes nothing. (I THINK, it's just possible, that my shorts are fitting a tad bit looser - is that a word? "looser"?).

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alisha said...

Thanks for a new blog. I know you are here visiting, but I have faithfully been checking on it anyways!! :) I am excited for you and your mom you will have to keep me updated on what the outcome if of the diet. I know that I could stand to lose a few pounds too. :)
We had soo much fun with you guys yesterday at the water park, we are looking forward to seeing you later.
love us

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