Monday, April 11, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

I'm participating in Menu Plan Monday again!

Which do you want first, the good news or the bad news? I'll give you the bad news since I can't hear your answer:
as you may have noticed elsewhere in this blog, we had gnarly sickness this week at our house.
the good news?
I made maybe one actual meal last week, so I get to just kind of repeat the same menu!

Again, it's a heavy Pioneer Woman week around here. (made her Crash Hot Potatoes again for company - love those every time I make them!!! I cannot emphasize enough that you should make them.)

Mon: Beef and Bean Burritos
Tues: dinner at Grammy's
Wed: Chicken and Tomatoes with Garlic
Thurs: homemade pizza
Fri: Mexican Flatbread Pizza
Sat: Chicken Salad
Sun: popcorn!

Side note:  I did make one meal last week.  It, too, was from The Pioneer Woman (can you even believe it?)  It was simple, it was tasty, my boys hammered it down without a thought or word then they ate it again for lunch the next day.  It's kid approved.  So here's the link:  Bowtie Lasagna.  I didn't use bowties, I used spirals.  And I didn't have sour cream so I used plain yogurt.  It was still delicious.

Someday soon I'll find time and look at other food blogs. Someday soon I'll get bored of making new things and revert to my old favorites.  Someday soon maybe I'll post some of those old favorites here.  Someday soon...

Menu Apr11 16 Scribd Edition
Don't forget. Here's a blank menu plan if you want to print it out:
Blank Menu-scribd Edition


Candace said...

Thanks Christy. I already printed out the recipe for bow tie lasagna - it will be on the menu next week, as I already made this weeks menu. Here it is:
Mon - Chicken Alfredo
Tues - Slow cooker sloppy joes
Wed - Ribs and baked potatoes
Thurs - frozen pizza (it's a crazy night)
Fri - out

Christy said...

so, I'm gonna have to get your slow cooker sloppy joe recipe - so far haven't found a loveable sloppy joe. and ribs? tell me more!

Anonymous said...

Me too...printed out the bowtie lasagna recipe and plan to make it soon. As for the Crash Hot Potatoes - a new favorite! They are sooo good. Thanks for the inspiration/motivation! - Kelli

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