Monday, March 07, 2011


Ahem, no, this isn't me.  But I did run on this trail this week.  With my Sweets.  All four of them.  Well, they weren't all four running.  Two big boys were riding bikes.  Two little ones were in the double jogger.  So I was really the only one running.

I just found this trail Sunday.  Where I grew up there is a bike trail, but I wouldn't take my two little boys to ride bikes on it because it's more like a thoroughfare for grumpy competitive bikers than a fun trail for the family to enjoy.  Seriously.  Bikers wouldn't hesitate to hit a small child in their way.  With their bike.  And they do a lot of yelling if they don't like your position on the trail.  Children could get seriously injured on that bike trail.

So even though I knew of the Bob Jones Memorial Trail, I never dreamed of taking my kids for a morning jog there.  I just assumed all bike trails were gnarly and only for people who could hold their own against bikers who were working on their times.  I was pleasantly surprised.

I've been looking for a way to work out and take all the kids along.  I've come across many stumbling blocks.  But on Sunday when FunDad said, "you should go for a run", I went.  And I decided to check out the bike trail after some encouragement from him.  (He's from here and knows the difference between mean and friendly bike trails).  I figured I could handle bikeriders cursing at me under their breath for not staying on the correct side of the trail, and I could generally stay out of the way.  I thought I'd feel it out.

It was great!  There were families galore.  I didn't see anyone who might enjoy taking out my kids as they rode by.  So this morning I piled everyone and their gear in the truck and we headed out.  They rode about 2 miles round trip.  I won't say how long this took, it was our first outing all together like this.  There were quite a few stops and starts, some pacifier drops, a couple of whiney moments, but it was generally enjoyable.  I look forward to building up our endurance and mileage and eventually running a bit further. 

FunMom needs her exercise!  (Plus, there's at least one park along the way, and the beach is at the end, surely that counts towards being Fun!?)


Debbie said...

Hi Christy, I was walking with your mom this morning and she told me about your blog. I just wanted to say HI and tell you that I feel the same way about our bike trail. I ride a bike (not all fancy way) just ride a bike and I hate how they treat people on that trail. But I do like riding there better than on our streets. Have a great day. Debbie

Christy said...

Hi Debbie! Thanks for checking this out!

It's nice to know I'm not alone in my bike trail opinions!

Thanks for walking with Mom, she loves it!!

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