Tuesday, March 29, 2011

One Sick Boy

Thomas was sick for six days. That's a record for anyone in my house.
I let him listen to his iPod one morning.  He was wiped out.  I think he averaged two naps a day during this period.

He kept blaming things he ate.  He kept thinking he was sick because of something he did.  He said, "Mom, I just don't know why I'm sick!"  One morning he was hungry and I gave him part of a waffle.  He ate about two bites, spit them out, and told me he was allergic to waffles, then he went and lay back down on the couch.  Poor sweet boy.

Some nights he would jet out of bed to the toilet and throw up.  Some mornings he would do this.  This morning he came bounding upstairs and told me: I'm better today!  My legs can move!

It's hard to know how a 5 year old is feeling, but I think this morning he's on the up and up.  Which is good, because being confined to the house is starting to cramp my fun-ness.

(a word about iPods:  I didn't think I'd be the girl who lets her 5 and 7year olds get iPods, but at Christmas I found shuffles for $41/each.  That's less than many Lego sets!  So I load the music/stories I want them to listen to, and about two or three times a week they get quiet time in their room - I get quiet time with the baby or chores, and we're all happy!)

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