Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Follow-Up to Couponing

So, I did make it to Target as discussed here, but not as planned.  Of course.  With so many little people and an entire day spent 30 minutes from home (8am-9:30pm) you might think I had time to whiz in to Target, and I'll say - though the time might have been there, the desire was not.  We played with cousins, went to co-op, ate dinner at Grammy's with more cousins, and between all of the activities a trip to Target was not in the forecast.

So I went tonight.  And I'll say that I got a few things free:
Avent Pacifiers
dental floss

and a few things for super-cheap:
bleach - .47
(ahem) feminine products - .14
cotton swabs - .92

I am inspired to continue on my coupon journey.  And since there are approximately 18.5 billion blogs that will tell you how to save at Target, I will not do it.  But if you are interested you can go here or here. Okay, probably not 18.5 billion, but quite a few.

Since I went to Costco too, I've gotta go put away the perishables now.  And get a load of baby clothes out of the dryer.  And maybe make granola?  mmmm, I think it's too late.  Maybe go to bed.  Quick.  Before anyone wakes up.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that the coupon journey has started off well. : )


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