Saturday, February 05, 2011

Window Art

Charles had $4 at Walmart the other day burning a hole in his pocket.  I decided that FunMom could do without another candy installment and tried to steer him towards something a little bit more productive.  In the activities aisle I saw these "window crayons".  Something that plain ole' Mom would definitely have elected not to draw attention to, since their use means I have to spend time at some point cleaning my windows.  As if they aren't dirty enough.  

But I checked myself, remembered that I am now FunMom, asked myself if the extra work was that bad, and decided to go for it.  As an added bonus, I even let him abandon his usual post next to the baby in the van and sit next to a window so he didn't have to wait until we got home.  I mean really, might as well go all the way.

And seriously, I would have loved these crayons when I was little. They aren't that hard to clean off, they seem to be washable (although we immediately got some on the rug, so we'll see how that goes). There are also markers, which may be even easier to clean off. I'm wondering now if plain old white board markers might serve the same purpose, but nixing the idea even as I write because white board markers are hard to get off clothes. Not a plus for FunMom. FunMom is also cheap and doesn't like to replace clothing unnecessarily.


Amy said...

We love these! I sometimes write Bible verses with them across the top of the window while the kids color--those tend to stay up a lot longer :)
FunMom, I like that--we all could use more of that I think!!
Glad to see you're back!!

Anonymous said...

Great idea! The girls started doing their math work on our front window this week with dry erase markers (and wet erase markers too - a bit messy) and I instantly gained the label of "FunMom"!


Christy said...

Yay for FunMoms!!! So glad, Kelli! Good idea to do math work. Maybe we'll start that too - maybe handwriting...the possibilities are endless.

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