Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Some Days Are Tougher Than Others

These are the boys' school boxes.  They are at the beach.  The boys were there too.  We have had some phenomenal winter weather and one day when I was eating breakfast in my capris and T-shirt I thought to myself "Self, am I really going to make my kids sit inside at the kitchen table for school today?"  Self replied: "No", so I called fellow FunMom April for an impromptu school beach day.  Concentration may have been a little tough, but it was a fun time.  And it totally answered the "what do you do with a toddler while schooling" question.  The two little ones played happily in the sand.

There is a local beach nearby that allows you to drive down on the sand.  Very handy when you have a passel of kids.  Nevermind that I pulled a little too far forward into the soft sand and then the kids dug out one or two of my tires...don't mind that...we almost got stuck...but we pulled it off.

I'm posting this today because today was a little bit harder to be FunMom.  Today the most fun thing I did was let a big boy play his math computer game.  I'm remembering easier FunDays.  But it's okay.  Every day doesn't have to be school-at-the-beach day.  Some days play-computer-math-game day is okay.  Even if all I do is let them paint with water colors (which can be pretty adventurous for me) or play-dough (which is one of my personal least favorites) - that still counts! I'm still FunMom.  What did you do today?


cabcree said...

did the boys have fun digging you out though? :)

Karen said...

I love this! I love that you ditched the traditional method and just enjoyed the kiddos. :) I love that you are letting go of the 'ought.'

Anonymous said...

We did play-dough! Also one of my less than favorite activities. The kids had lots of fun making "cookies" and then "selling" them. Thanks for the continued inspiration!


Christy said...

Digging is ALWAYS fun, Rebecca!

Thanks for the encouragement Karen.

I have the same play-dough feelings, Kelli. Way to go!

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