Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sooo fun

As Charles and Thomas have gotten older I think my fun quotient has slipped.  What used to be a given slowly became unavailable to them in the bathtub.  I'm talking about tub toys.  Sadly, they just became a pain and one more mess to clean up so as the boys aged, I gradually phased out toys in the tub.

Charles and Thomas don't really miss them, to be sure, but Daniel, our reigning toddler, has totally missed out!  So, with the advent of FunMom has come the necessary advent of tub toys!  Yay for Daniel!!! And I must say, it's such a convenient way to keep him busy while I'm tidying up my room or folding laundry or getting ready in the morning.  Just throw him in my tub and plop in a few drops of bubbles and voila! instant entertainment.  Plus, he's super clean.

All these advantages I'd forgotten about.  What else will FunMom teach me?

1 comment:

Tim and Monica said...

YAY for tub toys!! I brought them back for Ana a little while ago. :)

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