Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Birth of Fun Mom

I have a friend whose license plate frame says "Jones family, fun-havers."  And ever since I saw that plate five years ago I've wanted to be a fun-haver.

So yesterday when I woke up and Charlie turned to me and asked, "What are you going to do today?" (a Saturday that he had to work), I had an answer:

"I will make waffles for breakfast, then let the boys spend their Christmas money on a container for hermit crabs, and then take them to the beach where they will run in the dunes like mad."  I will do this.  I will not let myself dwell on how frustrating it can sometimes get making meals for three boys while the baby is crying, nor will I worry about lunch and packing it up and what everyone will drink and who has their sippy cup and if everyone's sandwich is to taste, in fact, I will also let them spend some Christmas money on Lunchables - because I'm FunMom today!  I will make sure everyone is provided for, but I won't let myself feel overwhelmed.  I will not feel grumpy over how long it takes us to dress and prep and gather before we get out the door.  I won't even gripe when no one can find matching shoes and Daniel (2 years old) won't stop riding around the car on his scooter to load up. Nope.  I'm going to be FunMom.

And then I will bring them home and create little habitats for each boys' hermit crab and not fuss that there are now three little hermit crab houses on my kitchen counter throwing the aesthetics slightly off.  Because I am FunMom.  And when Daniel tries to carry his hermit crab around the house, thus splashing saltwater everywhere, I will laugh and clean it up and counsel him on appropriate hermit crab housing responsibilities withOUT freaking out.  Because...I am FunMom.

I suspect many of you are already FunMom, but this is my first foray into it.  I expect some backsliding into non-fun-mom-dom, but hopefully those episodes will be shortlived.

And maybe someday my license plate frame can say:  FunMom


Lacey said...

I want to be a FunMom too! I love the hermit crab idea. I bet the boys just loved it.

April said...

I want to be a fun mom too! Looking forward to sharing stories.

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