Wednesday, May 05, 2010

made a quilt

Once upon a time I thought I would make a quilt for each baby...that was when I was pregnant with my first. At that time I was on bed rest with no additional children, which made quilting an easy thing to do.

Now I'm pregnant with number four, and fortunately for me, my first three children were boys. They all three loved that quilt. In fact, Daniel (the baby), cried "mine! mine!" in true toddler fashion, when I hung this up to photograph it this afternoon. I didn't have to make one for each of them after all!

I hope to one day make more quilts. Maybe I could make one for each grandchild. I already forgot what I did to make this one, aside from sew lots of straight lines and choose some cute fabric...surely I could figure it out, though.

1 comment:

Kelli said...

I remember being very impressed with this quilt when you made it, and perhaps just a little jealous! Glad to hear it has served your family well and has actually been used and loved.

If you have a girl, will there be another quilt in your future? Or perhaps a crocheted/knit blanket would be more reasonable this time around?!

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