Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Day 3

Today was lame. Very difficult. Contemplated quitting and joining the boys eating grilled cheese at dinner tonight, but didn’t.

Started off great…felt good when I woke up, but developed a sore throat with alternating earaches and a sinus headache. Also had my first hunger pangs today. I was actually hungry. Which is pretty good, normally my stomach would be growling by Hour 3, Day 1. But I stayed hungry all day, with a headache. The things I have been reading suggest that flu/cold symptoms could develop as your body is detoxing. So maybe the sore throat and everything will go away soon.

As of right now I only have enough maple syrup to last through Day 8. I’m experimenting with using a little less each day so I can make it last (I’m not going to spend any more money on maple syrup for this). Anyway, I’m thinking that maybe I got hungry because I used less maple syrup, 4 less tablespoons is considerably less calories when you’re limited to a lemonade drink for all of your nutrition, you know. Tomorrow I’ll not limit the syrup, and I’ll just plan on stopping the detox when I run out of maple syrup!

I have a huge to-do list that isn’t to-doing since I feel so tired. I really need to consider which is more important. The list or finishing this detox. And I have to say, the list is winning out right now! But I have read that I’ll have more energy in the coming days…so maybe they’ll be amazing.

Update: just checked my tongue, it’s yellow and fuzzy. Weird.
And I’ve lost around 4 pounds.


cabcree said...

I'm praying for you girl. I'm not doubting it is difficult. I saw this article today. Not sure if it'll encourage or not. :)

I know I need to discipline my eating habits. It's hard no matter what path you choose! Just keep relying on Christ your Savior. He loves you and wants you to trust in Him and treat your body well. :)

Christy said...

Thanks for the encouragement!!

Saavi said...
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