Sunday, July 05, 2009

Pirate Cake

One of my favorite things about the boys' birthdays is making their cake. For this birthday Thomas was a little undecided. Sometimes he wanted a rainbow castle cake with superheroes, sometimes a rainbow castle cake with Buzz & Woody. I tried to influence him toward a volcano cake, since a friend of mine knew an easy recipe; rather than choose the volcano over the rainbow castle, he just added it to the list.

(aside: what's the deal with rainbow castles? I personally think it's because we have a girl shortage at our house and my boys really need girls around to rescue and fuss over...also they don't get to see a lot of pink. Chris & Christy, I noticed that one of your guys had a pink cake for his birthday - thoughts?)

Anyway, in the end I was forced to trump all cake ideas and go with a pirate theme. What makes it all so easy was Thomas' response to the plain, unfrosted sheetcake he saw when he awoke from his nap the day of the party:
T: WOW!!! Mom, that is the BEST cake EVER. I think it is soooo pretty!
With excitement like that over plain ole' cake, I was bound to come out on top.

Here's what we came out with in the end:
how the sheet cake ended up

the pirate ship (I got the idea of the pirate ship from the Family Fun website). Instead of using two round cake pans, I baked it in a loaf pan and trimmed it.


Christopher said...

I think that our boys have never had anyone around to tell them that pink/rainbow are "girl" colors, so they feel free to choose whatever they like (and pink is very closely related to red, which is another favorite).

christy said...

chris and i allow our boys the freedom to choose whatever colors they like. i think of it this would be totally not ok for someone to tell a girl that there are certain things that are off limits to her, because we have decided as a society that we want to teach girls that they can be whatever they want to be. why then should my boys have any less freedom? (you may be able to tell, this is a topic dear to my heart!)

that said, i do sometimes try to be mindful that there are many people in our world who would choose to belittle my sons based on their choices of certain things. so, i tend to steer them away from choosing, say, a pink bike, because that is a long-term purchase, and they may change their minds about how they feel about pink before i'm ready to move them to a different bike. but, for most things, as long as it is under my control, i try to counteract the people who would try to tell my boys that they have to fit a certain stereotype, because i am grateful that someone did the same for me as a little girl.

soapbox over. :)

on an entirely different note, i am super impressed with your cake skills! and, i love the family fun stuff...they come out so cute, and usually with pretty user-friendly ingredients and directions.

way to go!

Christy said...

Interesting points guys! I don't generally worry about their color choices either, but mostly steered away from a "rainbow castle cake" because of my cake-making abilities.

Annecourager said...

.......awesome cake!

D's never asked for anything pink or red because, oddly, he's a realistic kind of boy, even when indulging in his flights of Godzilla/dinosaur fancy: "Mom, the dinosaurs probably camoflaged with their surroundings! You can't make it purple."
Fortunately for me I do have a girl to do the Hello Kitty things with.

Mustard Seeds said...

What an awesome cake! I'm going to look that one up, Luke loves pirates.
Luke likes pink stuff too, and also bracelets--I always thought it was because he had a big sister. :) Guess not! We got him a watch and a boyish-sort of bracelet but let him choose some pink when he wants to. Blue has always been my favorite color, I never really thought about it!

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