Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The Amazing Mr. Clean

It's possible that I'm the last person on earth to discover the amazing effectiveness of this cleaning product, but not probable. So I'm telling you, in case you doubted the commercials like I did...BUY THIS!!!!!

The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is amazing!!! As stated, I did not believe the commercials or the claims until I was volunteering with crafts at our church's VBS and someone used one of these sponges to get a Sharpee mark off of a table. Sharpee! Those marks don't come off anything. And she just wiped over the mark. No scrubbing!

So, I bought one this week and have been blissfully running through my house scrubbing off all sorts of spots that little boys tend to leave on walls and doors. Of course I neglected to take before and after pictures, but it is truly amazing. And I wanted to share this miraculous find with others in case they haven't seen it.

Doors: all of our interior and some exterior doors are white. They have been impossibly smudged and dirtied by little grimy hands. I occasionally give a valiant scrub to the most offending areas to no avail. Until my Mr. Clean sponge!!! I just got it wet and wiped the door and it's totally clean.

Walls: same with walls. There are spots from when the boys tried to climb up the hallway walls (don't ask). There is a random crayon mark (was). And several mystery spots that just make things look dingy and refuse to come out. NO LONGER!!! They're all clean now!!!

Closet doors: white again. and marked up by shoes or toy guys or something - but not anymore!!!

I'm still thinking of random spots around the house to try it on.

So, get thee to the nearest store and buy thee this wonderful easy cleaning tool.

(I'm thinking of contacting Mr. Clean himself and offering to do all marketing for this product!)


be_a_Mary said...

Oh my goodness I am SOOO excited to buy it and try it!! I get irritated with fingerprints on the wall up the stairs, on our white kitchen cabinets, and on our white doors!! UG. Thanks so much for the tip!!

Larissa said...

YOu are so cute Christy. I totally agree its amazing, and I am not easily amazed by cleaning products. I cannot believe than in like 20 minutes I cleaned all the walls of our condo, sure helped make it look nicer to try to convince someone to move in!

Annecourager said...

how does it do with barf on carpets? :p I will definitely give this a go. Thanks to your post, I'm now noticing how smudgy everything is around here!

Tim and Monica said...

lol! Tim brought these home when we were cleaning our apartment right before we moved out. I fell in LOVE with them!! DEFINITELY something we will be continuing to get and use!! SO quick and easy!!

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