Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Survival Mode

I'm not sure what made me go into it, but I've been there for a few weeks now. Tonight I popped my head out of it and actually made some bread. Banana. Now I've also started a new "rustic bread" recipe...waiting for it to rise.

Oh wait, I know what put me in survival mode! Birthday month! Starting the sixth we had about one and a half weeks of celebrating Thomas' birthday in one form or another. After we finally had his "official" birthday party, it was my birthday. Then Charlie's. Today is Charlie's mom's. Father's Day this weekend. Every year it kind of sneaks up on me.

I would love to post on the fun birthday festivities, but it is my goal to awaken at 5:00 tomorrow to go jogging . I won't do that if I stay up much later...so I'll get back to you.

1 comment:

be_a_Mary said...

oh bless you. 5 am?!

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