Friday, February 13, 2009

New Post

Sometimes Charlie and I play a game wherein we use as many "trendy" big words as possible. An example sentence follows:

I am currently inundated with a plethora of amalgam to do.
Including, but not limited to -
1. bookkeeping
2. taxes (this is particularly daunting, as I have decided to do both business and personal myself this year.)
3. cleaning the bathroom and kitchen (is this really necessary today? perhaps not)
4. getting three boys ready for the day
5. getting three boys through the day
6. cleaning up breakfast
7. having a good and cheerful attitude
8. duh, laundry!
9. finishing this post to tend to afore-mentioned children! (who might, or might not be fighting over a Batman car).



be_a_Mary said...

oh i have so many of those things to do too. minus the taxes!! UG. my laundry is WAY piled high. its raining and the children are inside and crazy monkeys. His Royal Grabbyhood decided to nap a short one this morning ... [sigh]. The GOOD news is that every friday night we eat out ... so I don't have THAT on my to-do list.

cabcree said...

love, love, love this sentence!! "I am currently inundated with a plethora of amalgam to do."

just do what you can. :)

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