Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Secret for Chocolate Chip Cookies

Okay, I am admittedly not the best cook, nor the best baker, nor would I put myself in the running with anyone I know. I can follow a recipe, and I'm getting better, but I have been known to light pancakes a-fire, mess up french toast, and somehow botch mac & cheese.

So it shouldn't surprise you that I was having a hard time with my chocolate chip cookies. They kept coming out flat and oily-looking. I was following the recipes, to no avail. I also tried several different recipes, to see if the problem was me or the recipe. Enter Grandma Di, THE best baker I know. I was complaining about my cookies to Charlie and he asked, "Did you ask Grandma Di for her recipe?"

Uh, no, I have never thought of doing that. So I did. And she told me the secret, which I'm sure you all know. But just in case one of you doesn't, I'm going to say it here:

the dough shouldn't be sticky. You add together all ingredients, and before folding in the chocolate chips pinch the dough. If it's sticky, add more flour 2 tablespoons at a time until it's not. Then your cookies don't come out flat! or oily! That's the secret! Maybe you know other ones. I'm all ears.
One of my chocolate chip M&M cookies - neither flat nor oily, you'll notice.


Annecourager said...

LOL-- here I thought you were reviewing that book of the same title as your post.

Okay... my cookie dough is sticky, but they still end up okay. Especially if I don't eat all the dough. :\ It must just be the recipe.

So now I'm going to sit back and read more of your posts to figure out what's going on w/you! :)

cabcree said...

I didn't know! nice little tip. It's been forever since I've made cookies though.

hey, you on facebook? if so, look me up. my email is cabcree and the oh, so popular gmail. Then you can join, Erin, Sarah, and myself in a lovely game of lexulous. it's like scrabble.

Larissa said...

I will definitely keep that tip!

My only tip is to use parchment paper. I think it improves my cookies by quite a bit.

PS your cookie looks yummy

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