Saturday, January 17, 2009

Random Pics

A few pics from our Christmas visit to see Charlie's family:

Daniel tries his first solid food. Now he's a pro, eating bananas, avocados, and rice cereal galore. (Okay, only avocados when they're on sale).

Preschool?, you ask. No, just a few of the cousins waiting patiently during the family gift exchange.
Not only did Daniel get his first solid foods, he ALSO tried his first beer. He wriggled so much trying to get to it that I let Uncle Paul give him a taste. Mmmm, not a fave.

It's always sooo fun to go to Grammy and Papa Chuck's, can't wait for Easter! (Although Thomas keeps trying to trick us into "stopping by" of an evening.) --
Thomas: How 'bout lets go show Grammy Margie this ladybug?
Me: It's a loong drive, honey, and almost bedtime.
Thomas: Oh, how 'bout we just go really fast?
Me: Mmmm, no.


cabcree said...

ha, ha on the beer. I'm the same way! Yuck.

Larissa said...

Oh my goodness, that story of Thomas is so sweet.

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