Friday, February 01, 2008

Laundry Helper

I must here sing the praises of Gojo. For those of you whose husbands or dads are mechanics, you will recognize it as the funny-smelling stuff they use to wash the oil and grease off their hands when done working on their cars. For those of you who are Laundry-Doers, on the list of necessaries, it is third in line: 1) Oxyclean, 2) stain spray, 3) Gojo.

My children are not yet fond of their napkins, and tend to wipe most foods off on their clothes. That means when it's something like peanut butter or butter, or other oily foods, it's not going to come off - even with Oxyclean. And that is when I turn to my tub of Gojo. Rub a little on the stain, run it through the wash on a normal cycle, and Voila! no more stain.

Note: If it's an article of clothing that can only be washed on cold, do the same thing. If it comes out of the dryer with a "gojo"-shaped stain, spray on stain spray and run it through once more - it'll be fine. At least you can get the oil out without shrinking your favorite shirt.

Hope this makes sense, and that you learn to love it as I have!

note:  if you can't find Gojo, Goop also works


christy said...

thanks for the tip! i am always bemoaning the dreaded grease stain...i will have to try this. :)

annecourager said...

oh, hey, I needed to hear this... I never even thought of using Gojo! But I'm not so hot at doing laundry... once something's got a stain, it's pretty much done for around here.

Anonymous said...

thank you for keeping the rest of us informed. Love, Audrey

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