Thursday, January 31, 2008


My friend ShaleAnn has affectionately dubbed it the "Mack-Truck" flu, as in, "I think I was hit by a Mack truck". Charlie and I were hit by it this week, that's for sure.

First Charlie, poor guy, for three days. Fever, ache, stuffy nose, cough, the whole bit. And champion that he is, we went for a day trip to the snow in the midst of it. I believe my favorite quote from this sickness was: "It hurts to blink." But he has now recovered and is back to work, though not yet operating at 100%.

Tuesday night it hit me. At first I thought it might be prego tiredness, but when I woke up Wednesday morning and it even hurt to move my toes, I knew I had it too. Luckily it was a quick 24 hours of achy-ness, and now I'm just terribly stuffy.

So today was spent cleaning up and scrubbing down. The house is now presentable, beds have been made, laundry is caught up. I blush to remember the condition of my house in midst of all this, but what's a girl to do?

The boys seem to have escaped, with an evening of fever and sadness on Charles' part. Here's hoping you and yours steer clear of this one.

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