Monday, January 21, 2008

On Hold

I am on hold with Comcast High Speed Internet. I am using my Skype through a bootlegged internet connection which we found in our dining room. Skype is a program that we use when we're in Bali to call home...but which I am forced to use now because the Vonage phone setup I arranged is now not functioning properly. Nor is my internet connection.

Do you have any idea what I'm talking about?

All I know is that I HAD a phone line and high-speed internet. They were both in my office. And now neither of them are working. I, being the tech-savvy person that I am, have no idea whether it's the Vonage or the internet connection. So now I'm on hold. Listening to Rod Stewart. And an intermittent message that my business is important to them and an agent will be on the line as soon as possible.

I wonder how long it will take me to figure out what's gone wrong? I wonder how many phone calls I will get to make today regarding this issue?

At least I got to go for a walk!


Anonymous said...

Crazy phone and comcast lines! Hope you aren't on hold too long. love alisha

Anonymous said...

if you are still on hold while I'm writing this...that would be bad. I hope you got the issue solved!

christy said...

someone i know calls those bootleg internet connections "". in fact, i am logged in with right now. one of the perks of having a laptop, i guess.

as a tangential comment, whenever i'm on the phone and one of those "voice menus" comes on, you know, where they want to to *say* 1 instead of pressing 1 on your keypad, i always get really frustrated and angry, which makes chris laugh at me. but, really! whoever invented those obviously did *not* take into consideration the sheer magnitude of the ambient background noise that comes with having 3 boys running in the background. i always go to answer, and then the disembodied lady says "i didn't quite get that. did you say 'hang up, i'm all done?'" NOOOOOO!! i DIDN"T!!!!!!

joysnatcher said...

that is EXACTLY how I feel when those voice menus come on. Arrrg. By the time I do get somebody on the phone I have to calm myself down so I don't blame them for the insane half-hour I just passed...trying to whisper to the kids to be quiet and then accidentally triggering the "I'm sorry, I didn't quite get that..." comment, and eventually having to hang up and start all over again in another room. Where my children follow me and bang on the door...and the cycle continues.

joysnatcher said...

oh yeah, only had to make two other phone calls. Luckily, the husband of one of my best friends works for Comcast and sent one of his guys out first thing this morning. Excellent service. And it is all fixed, with tips for how to fix it if it happens again.

And I was on hold with Vonage yesterday for 15 minutes, then finally got through to someone in India. I am usually very turned off by this because I can't understand what's being said and the person on the other line is often very stand-offish. But this was a pleasant experience with a young man who was easily understood and incredibly helpful. Yay Vonage!

And my problems are solved. So if you tried to call my landline this weekend, you can now try again, we are back in business!!!

Anonymous said...


Auntie Christy,
Do you think that you can put a picture of me and Charles and Thomas on your page? Thank you,
love Aubrey Megan

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