Monday, January 14, 2008


Me: Charles, should we have more babies after this one?
Charles: YES!
Me: How many?
Charles: This many. (holding up his hand to show me five fingers).
Me: Five more babies! Wow! That's a lot of babies!
Charles: (nodding sagely) That's a lot of babies for me to hold!

He is so excited to see the baby and he is especially keen on holding the baby. By himself. He's sure he'll be a big help. It makes me glad that he's ready to be a helper (however that manifests when the baby actually comes.) At least he's excited and not totally impartial to the whole thing, or jealous.


christy said...

i always found the boys to be more excited than jealous when the new babies came. sure, they would act out toward us in other ways, but i always expected that to happen--heck, i felt like acting out too sometimes! but i always tried to encourage their natural "helping" instinct...they were always excited to be "big" in comparison to this new little baby.

when i was pregnant with jonathan, i remember nicholas (out of the blue, with no prompting or question from me) saying that we needed to have 3 more babies after this we could have 3 brothers and 3 sisters. i don't know if i'm up for that...but it is good to know they are wanted! :)

jjblanton said...

Christy, you are a fabulous writer. I loved reading your descriptions of life and seeing things through the eyes of Thomas and Charles. Personally, I want to hold that baby as much as Charles, so don't stay away from Bali too long!

joysnatcher said...

okay, we'll get back there ASAP!!!

be_a_Mary said...

Awww! what a sweet story!

Larissa said...

Awww how cute! That is so sweet. Right now I can't picture Caedmon being a big brother, he is still so small, but I hope he is as willing and excited as Charles!

I miss you all and I hope you are doing well. Hugs!

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