Monday, July 23, 2007

Kite Festival

Yesterday we found ourselves at the kite festival. I wish I could somehow impart the fun atmosphere and the throngs of people, but my little pictures and videos will have to do. In the morning there were massive traffic jams because huge dump trucks loaded with villagers and a huge kite bigger than the truck were making their way toward the beach. The kites are soooo big that around 15 men were needed to carry them into the field where the competition was.

I was pretty excited when I saw the parades of scooters and trucks following their kites to the fields. What fun!

When we got there (by way of a trip to the ER for a cut on T's finger - another story), we were met with crowds of people, peanut vendors, ice cream vendors, gamelan music, bakso vendors, an announcer's booth, and tons of kites.
The boys enjoying a ride from Daddy.
Bakso carts; picture the food stalls at the state fairs at home; these seem to be the equivalents. "Ayam" means "chicken".

Train your eyes on the tree line to see all of the kites taking off. These kites are all big enough to require several men to lift and maneuver them.

She's going down! Or is she? See all the people required to fetch the kite?


alisha said...

wow. . . those kites are huge. how fun that you got a chance to see the festival. the picture of charlie and the boys is so very cute. miss you, love you

Monica said...

Oh I wish I would have known about the kite party we would have gone! The girls love!!! kites!!! How exciting it sounded!

mom said...

What a fun day! Those kites are huge!! Great picture of Charlie and the boys. Glad you guys had a good day. love and hugs to you all

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