Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Good Friends

Charles and Hannah on the jungle gym.
Thomas and Naomi on the seesaw.

How fortunate we are to have good friends over here! We met Andrew and Monica when we were here in December, but didn't get to really get to hang out with them until we got here in May. At least once a week Monica and I try to get the kids together.

Because neither of us have cars, our husbands drive us to each others' houses and we spend the whole day together. Then when Dads are done with work we all eat dinner. It makes for a great day out and lots of time spent with friends. I always feel encouraged afterwards, too, because Monica is so excited about what God is doing and it's contagious.

When Charles finds out the girls are coming over he asks, "and they will sleep at our house, too?" Because there have been some special nights (American Idol Finale comes to mind) that we have put the kids to bed and indulged in MORE adult conversation/TV entertainment. Craziness. It is the highlight of Charles' week, that's for sure. Mine too.

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