Saturday, July 14, 2007

Charles' Birthday

Mr. Charles is quite the patient little boy, but when most of your family has their birthday in June and yours is in December, it's a tough pill to swallow.

He now knows he will have a special birthday before Christmas comes, and he has it all planned out. Previous to last night we only had a request for a Lightning McQueen cake ("Lightneen Keen"), but we now have quite a list of requirements.

Charles: Mama, can you make me a Lightning McQueen cake and a Lightning McQueen cup, and a Lightining McQueen shirt?

Me: We'll see what we can do. I'm not sure I can make all of that, but we can probably find something. Now go get your bath!

after bathtime:

Charles: ...a Lightning McQueen cake and shirt and cup, and Lightning McQueen pants and underwear...

I know for a fact that I can't make Lighting McQueen underwear. But maybe I can find some somewhere before December. Now he just has to be patient enough to wait until his birthday. I'm a little surprised because we don't usually put that much emphasis on party planning, or parties. I'm also surprised that he is still talking about his birthday, since all of our birthdays happened a month ago. I guess this is what happens when little boys start getting older.

Thomas and Daddy "surfing" together at Kuta Beach.


Anonymous said...

Should you find a pattern for the underwear, try not making them out of hemp or wool - you can be a cool, crunchy granola mama without scratchy underwear materials. And don't go making any St. John the Baptist sackcloth underwear either! I dunno - just felt the need to check some of the far out ideas my far away sister/soul mate might get! :-)
Audrey - still laughing :)

mom said...

Charles is growing up. That's good, but hard too. He just likes Lightening McQueen, and he is making it known. Well, something tells me this little boy can't have too much Lightening McQueen stuff. I'm sure we will all see what we can do about that! The picture of Thomas and Charlie is very cute! Love to you all.

Candace said...

I think this is an age thing. It seems that between 3 and 4 they really start to understand what it means to have a birthday. Being that Rylie's is tomorrow we are dealing with this too. She wants a pink pony cake and two pink ponies for her birthday. They are so cute.

I'm sure Logan wouldn't mind a Lightening McQueen party if we combine again this year.

annecourager said...

Hey, if they've got Buzz Lightyear underwear then I'm sure Lightning McQueen can't be too far around the corner. :)

Okay, I'm off to In-n-Out, then AVILA BEACH! :) :) wish you were here!

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