Sunday, July 08, 2007

Aunt Susie's Here!

Charlie's youngest sister arrived this weekend. She's on a mission's trip with Surfing the Nations and we got to see her a few times. We hope to be able to spend two days with her and the group before she leaves, but we'll see what the next few weeks bring forth.

The boys were in seventh heaven. They fell asleep in the car and when they woke up Aunt Susie was sitting next to them. What joy! After playing at the beach all day they got to go swimming with her at her hotel and were soooo very sad when we had to leave.

It's great to see family from home, and great to hear what God is doing in Susie's life. She sounds excited about possibly staying in Hawaii with Surfing the Nations after this trip is over. What a great opportunity.


annecourager said...

I remember teasing some of my friends who were serving the Lord in Hawaii on short-term missions trips.... ohhh, the Lord called you THERE, did He? :) Next thing you know it's Jamaica, then the Virgin Islands, and you'll end up in Bali, probably.... :)

(tongue in cheek)

So glad you get to have visitors!

Larissa said...

Glad Susie made it there ok! What fun to have family visiting you way over in Bali!

Give her a hug from Paul, Caedmon and I!

be_a_Mary said...

YAY visitors!! that must be a nice shake up to the every day! i know i always like it when folks come, just cause it makes my world feel a tad bigger!!

must be difficult surfing for God. that is a tough calling. :)

Anonymous said...

It's hard to tell who is happier in the photo, Susie or Charles!

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