Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Mama's Financial Services, Inc.

I'm up late and starting to feel a bit like my husband must feel all the time. He is often up in the wee hours of the night working or trying to fall back asleep because he can't get his mind to stop going over things about the business. I imagine many husbands are.

Here I am, thinking about trade shows we need to apply for, sorting receipts to enter into Quickbooks, reading an accounting book to try to get more familiar with what is my role in this whole venture, and getting to do fun stuff with the boys too. But, if you had asked me during college (or at any other time in my life) what I would be doing in my 30's, you can bet your popcorn I NEVER EVER EVER would have said I'd be keeping up on the accounting for a small business. I'm the girl who had to take Algebra II three times (I passed it every time, but kept forgetting it...see, I told you). I'm the girl who ended up dropping Statistics because - what the heck was the professor talking about? I'm the girl who counts on her fingers for nearly every simple addition and subtraction problem, and still often gets it wrong.

And yet, oddly enough, I am the best candidate for this job at our house. Charlie is working his brains out making sales when we're in the States and keeping production up when we're here. He has no time to keep track of our finances.

A strange flip of the coin: although my mathematic skills may be lacking, I love love love to organize. And I'm finding that that's essentially what accounting is - being really organized. Especially with all of the software that's available now, I don't have to do the math.

So I've decided, if I'm going to be the CFO of our little company, I'm going to do it right. I am doing my best to figure out all of the tax laws, all of the Quickbooks data, and all of the filing systems. I printed out 50+ pages of the IRS publication 463, Travel deductions. I bought two books on accounting and taxes. I took three Quickbooks classes last year just to get the program set up correctly. I am on the way to becoming the best financial guru this little company has ever known.

Eat your heart out, algebra II.


be_a_Mary said...

Christy, if there is one thing i love love love about you it is your persistance. there is no doubt that you will succeed at whatever you decide to attack--be it mathmatics or Mt. Whitney. This is a fantastic attribute of yours! Good for you for being adventurous enough, and resilient enough to give it a try!!

joysnatcher said...

wow, thanks Karen. That's a really welcome comment, because a girl can always use some encouragement when she's not sure what she's doing.

mom said...

Good job Christy...and I have to agree with your friend. You will do a good job, because you are persistant, and you want to! Love you.

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