Monday, June 18, 2007

Craft Hour(s)

Charles didn't know what he was missing. We move around so much that "craft" time doesn't enter our world much. Weeelll, we went to Carrefour (kind of like Walmart) and I bought a few craft supplies: kid's scissors, watercolors, and glue sticks. That's it.

That was all it took.

Charles is a craft fiend. He can't get enough. He wakes up in the morning, "I want to cut." He comes in from swimming, "I want to cut. And blue." (er, glue).

Then we found amongst our things some of those Fiskars scissors that cut squiggly lines...he's died and gone to heaven. I think he has spent three hours cutting out of the past 24.

Charlie: I was thinking of getting a shredder, but we can just give everything to Charles.

Thomas is not QUITE as interested.


alisha said...

Sounds like he is having a great time! It is amazing how much fun scissors can be for little ones. Aubrey likes to cut as well, she can cut the tiniest of pieces. You think you have them all picked up then you find little shreds of paper in other places. Oh so fun. :) Glad that Charles is enjoying his crafting time, maybe soon Thomas will join in too.

mom said...

He's a man after my own heart!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Charles would get along well with Ann Marie. Well, I already know that they get along, but if they started cutting and crafting together the potential for fun and for shreds around the house would be endless! I am constantly picking up little scraps of stuff that Ann Marie has joyfully cut up. Tell Charles that when he returns to California we would love for him to cut something for us :) -Kelli

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