Saturday, June 30, 2007

Cheap Date

We got crazy tonight and all of us went to a movie and dinner.

Movie tickets: $3.37
4 popcorns: $2.24
3 bottled waters: $1.01
Dinner afterwards: $7.46

Total: $14.08

And if you can believe it, I walked away from the concession stand feeling that she had not given us a good price on the waters. She charged us $.33/ea, when they are usually $.16/ea. What a rip-off!


Larissa said...

Hehe I know the feeling. I have been indignant at a $4.00 sit down dinner and at paying more than a quarter for a soda.

Yay for a cheap date!

be_a_Mary said...

So was your movie subtitles or is there an English theatre in Bali??

We are becoming more and more indignant about movies and their prices. But we rarely see them anymore anyway. IF we have a date night, I find these days I prefer a nice, long, uninterrupted meal where I can chit chat with hubby as long as we like. After dinner we usually frequent Barnes & Noble for some reading and browsing. It is super peaceful and relaxing.

joysnatcher said...

If you go to an American movie then it's in English with Indonesian subtitles. Or you could go to one of the few international movies (French, German, etc), but I would have NO idea what was going on and I assume the subtitles would be Indonesian.

We don't usually go to movies in the States, because of what you said. But it's SOOO cheap here, it's hard to resist!

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