Tuesday, July 03, 2007

For Aubrey

At the request of my sweet niece, Aubrey, we bring you - the ABC's. Actually, it's her mom, Alisha's request, who might be tired of watching Charles sing the end of "Happy Birthday". Here's a new video - this time with both boys.

You might wonder, based on our other video, are they ever clothed? Yes, for the majority of the day. Apparently just not when I take videos.

I guess we should work on Thomas' ABC's. At this point he'll only be able to spell words with letters up to "G".

Can I just say, as a Mama, that I will be so very sad when Charles loses his lisp? It is terribly cute.


alisha said...

For my dear nephews, you are the best ABC singers in the world. Thank you so much for sharing that with Aubrey, and me. She loves watching you both so much, as do I and your Uncle Dave. :)
We love you soooo very much.
love us

aubrey said...

thank you for the abc's, I still like charles' singing happy birthday to aunt christy too. thank you, my mom let me watch the new video 5 times today, we will see how many times i get to watch it tomorrow. :)
i love you aunt christy

(written by alisha words by aubrey)

christy said...

about the lisp: there was a period of time when daniel would always say "pick you up! pick you up?" when he wanted me to pick him up...the whole me/you thing was confusing. i always got so mad when people tried to correct him, because i thought it was the cutest thing ever. alas, now he has grown much wiser, beyond all that "baby" stuff that mamas seem to love.... :)

mom said...

I love the video. Thank you!! When Aubrey comes over tonight, maybe we can watch it again. Hugs and kisses.

be_a_Mary said...

tooooo cute! i agree, it is sooo sad when they start losing their 'baby' lingo!! They are adorable. thanks for the video!

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