Friday, May 04, 2007


My mom works at an elementary school with the special needs kids. She recently sent me an email that made me laugh, so I thought I'd try to paraphrase a bit of it. Note: I did not check on the copyrights here, but I'm thinking maybe she won't notice...

"We are doing these big tests at school. Very important. I only test 6 kids at a time. But it's a comedy. One kid keeps falling out of his chair, I make sure he is sitting on it properly, turn my back, and boom, he's on the floor again. He often takes some one else out with him as he goes down. Another kid keeps talking to himself ( it's supposed to be completely quiet). Not to mention I don't want anyone else to hear his answers. Although I might feel differently about them if they were correct. In my sweetest teacher voice I remind him, "Joe, remember, we need to be quiet."
I can only read each question twice. Just what am I suppose to do when I'm done reading the question twice and I hear a voice saying, "Can you read it again, I was looking at the ceiling."?
Then there was the kid that "accidentally" kicked someone's foot and knocked the kid's shoe off. That caused quite a ruckus, let me tell you.
We have signs to put on the door which say, TESTING, DO NOT ENTER. Believe me, no one has to enter to get us off track. I just keep in mind that I need to exercise extra patience, and we're all doing the best we can. "

I can really picture the scenario. And who can't relate to the ceiling study-er? I admire the honesty. I would probably try to be a little more discreet, "Can you read that question again? I was thinking about electromagnetic-cardio-transvestor-bobbers, but I'll pay attention this time." I'm not sure I'd be able to keep a straight face if I was the teacher.

Good job, Mom!


alisha said...

such a cute story, your mom shared it with us this week, but it was sooo cute to hear it again. It made me laugh again. hope all is going well, we miss you guys. love alisha

mom said...

Well, here I thought I would be getting some exciting news about your family, and all I can say is I'm glad you enjoyed the story so much. I know you are busy packing, and taking care of last minute things. This week when Aubrey came over, she asked "Where are my friends?" I can only echo Alisha and say, we miss you already. Hugs to the boys.

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