Thursday, May 10, 2007

Safe & Sound

Well, we arrived safely yesterday afternoon, and our first jet-lagged 24 hours looked something like this:
3:30pm - arrive in Bali
4:30pm - arrive at hotel
6:00pm - Christy orders take-out and brings it back for all (as Charlie was feeling a bit under the weather)
7:00pm - Charlie and the boys are totally and completely asleep
8:00pm - Christy joins them in dreamland
2:30am - we're all awake and ready for anything!
2:45am - Charlie takes the boys for a walk to find some food (as it is 11:00am in our tummies)
4:00am - everyone is back asleep
6:00am - up and at 'em! Charlie takes the boys to the beach
8:00am - all to breakfast where Charles promptly throws up. He then spends the rest of the day alternating between throwing up and diarrhea. Oh well, you can't have everything.

We figure, only one waking period in the wee hours, and for only 1.5 hours!? Not bad. Hopefully it keeps going like this, but we won't be too disappointed if it gets a little crazier before it gets normal.

Charlie has an appointment for us to meet with the people at the hotel where we stayed last time, so we should be set up in an apartment soon. He also went to visit the guy who does our carvings and brought back a good report. So all is moving right along and we expect to be settled soon. I expect Charles just has a flu bug, since it's too early for him to have gotten any sort of food poisoning or anything.

And that's us. We're all pretty good! The flight over went smoothly, too. And it is kind of fun being recognized by some of the locals and knowing what to expect. I have already enjoyed a jaffle (tomato, cheese, and egg) and my first two plates of fried noodles. If you click on the word "jaffle", you'll see a picture of a jaffle iron, which you can also order off of, apparantly. But there is a jaffle in the iron, and it was the best picture I could find. So they're mostly like grilled cheese sandwiches, only with other spunky ingredients, too. (garlic, pineapple, etc.)


mom said...

Wow! You have had an eventful first day in Bali. I'm very sorry to hear that Charlie is not feeling good and that Charles is sick. I hope by now they are much better. Glad your flight was good.
Give the boys hugs from us. We love you all bunches.

alisha said...

Glad to hear you made it safely. Hope Charlie and Charles both start feeling better. And that's great that everything with the business is going good. Hopefully you with get that apartment. Looking forwar to more updates and pictures. We miss you all and love ya!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update! So happy to know you all arrived safely. I hope your settling in goes smoothly. We are praying for you. Love, Kelli and family

alisha said...

Happy Mother's Day!

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