Thursday, May 17, 2007

Back In Bali

Here we are again! Right when we got here we took a trip to the shop where all of our carvings are made. The guys picked a coconut for the boys to enjoy. Mmm! It's delish!

Here's Thomas at the shop. He loves to paint with the girls. The girls just love to play with him and help him paint.

A fruit vendor, carrying his fruit on a scooter. I'm not convinced that's very safe, but it gets him where he's going!

This is Poppie's Gang I in Kuta. Some of the streets are called gangs, which are really alley-ways. I would say that Poppie's is one of the more famous "Gangs" in Bali (perhaps the only famous one); there are Poppie's I and II. All of the traveling surfers know where these two gangs are, and anything you could want is pretty much right in the area, even the beach.

I am obviously not a photographer - I don't really feel that I've "captured" the feel of Poppie's, but I gave it a shot. I found this picture on the internet that's a little better of Poppie's II.


Aunt Marge said...

So sorry we will miss you at your folk's this summer. The boys look great. Don't worry about the tan, you'll look great when you are older that way. I think that I will try to look at your blog more often and life just gets in the way. Take care of yourself and family and be happy.
Love to you all.

alisha said...

Cute picture of the boys!
I can't believe that guys was able to carry all of that stuff on his little scooter. Amazing. Hope everything is going good. love us

annecourager said...

That's a funky-looking coconut! I'm trying to get the perspective on it and can't.

Your photos are just great--esp. the one with the bike loaded up with produce! I think we Americans give up too easily when it comes to packing our cars for trips. :)

annecourager said...

ok ok, never mind. it looked like the coconut was ballooning OUT at me, and then the hole in the bottom where kidlet's shirt shows through... it was messing me up!

Going for more coffee now!!

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