Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Some pictures of the last two weeks we spent in the States. We were fortunate to get to visit our friends the Cluffs at Cardinal Village. (Where Charlie and I met and spent most of the first three years of our marriage - both of the boys were brought home from the hospital to this fishing lodge in the mountains).

Thomas and Charles caught their first fish during "Opener" this year!

Here are the Cluff boys! Our VERY BEST friends! What a great time our boys had with them. I can't think of more patient, friendly boys than these. Definitely worth a visit up to the mountains to see 'em. They are Charles' and Thomas' heroes.

Back in Santa Maria we got to spend some special time with Grammy and Papa Chuck. We went to the "Cracked Crab" in Pismo Beach. They serve the crab dinner for two right on the table! You can observe Charlie and his mom enjoying dinner here. It was very fun!

Papa Chuck and the boys were wowed by the crab tank. (Actually, Papa probably wasn't AS impressed as Charles and Thomas were).

Sadly, I wasn't able to document our entire trip home, as I have only recently (just now) figured out how to work my camera with the laptop. Next time I'll aim to get more pictures up.


alisha said...

Cute picture of all the boys at Cardinal Village! How fun the visit with them must of been and that Charles and Thomas were both able to catch some fish with their dad. :)

Larissa said...

What cute pictures! The boys look so big! Hope you are all settling in well. :)

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