Saturday, February 10, 2007

Krispy Kreme Goes Balinese

Krispy Kreme opened on December 23rd at the Bali Discovery Mall. We were there December 24th, and, I must confess, a few times since then. Yesterday being one of those times - when we were able to buy heart-shaped donuts (with sprinkles).

We are enojoying our time in Bali, but it makes being away a little easier when there are familiar places to go like Krispy Kreme and McDonalds. Speaking of being away, we get back home on March 1st, just over two weeks away! It will be nice to be home for a while before heading back over here in May.

Charlie is currently in Java checking out some factories that may be able to make our products, be praying for safety and a productive trip! So far, he is positive about one of the factories he visited, and is going to work out a "trial run" with them.


christy said...

i can't believe how ubiquitous the 'american way' really is. actually, i can. but, it is just so strange to think that your post today with the krispy kremes and the ones of the balinese hillsides really came from the same place. i have to say, the donut sure looks good, though. (hangs head in shame.) :)

alisha said...

the pictures are so cute. wow, i can't believe krispy kremes in bali. what a treat. we are looking forward to your homecoming. :) and we will be praying for charlie as he travels and looks into the new production company.
love us

Anonymous said...

The second picture of Thomas made me look twice - and then again! I always think that Thomas looks just like his Grandpa Ray. In the "donut" picture, he looked just like Charlie, then it hit me - pictures of my brother, Joe, as a kid look exactly the same. Come on, Halsells, what do you think?

He has grown up so much! We can't wait to see you - did you REALLY say 2 weeks? We're praying for the business success and for your safety. Is Nita coming back with you? :-)

Where will you be staying in CA? John keeps asking me when you're coming back, etc, but I always say, "Who knows for sure? Do Charlie and Christy even know?" Now we know March 1st! Yeah!

Must go now and respond to sounds of paperwork and files being pulled out of drawers and thrown on floor...

Love,Audrey and laura

Anonymous said...

OK - I'm a goof! Thomas still looks just like his Grandpa Ray - the 2nd picture is Charles. I wasn't pay close enough attention. I can't wait to see them in person - they change so fast. I know you haven't been gone that long, but you've been so far away it makes the time seem longer.

Oh, goodness, I forgot to tell you that we went to the San Luis Bay Inn the other day and ran into someone familiar - Shale Ann (spelling?) and Asher!! Can you believe it? She says to tell you and your family "Hi!!" and that they miss you so much!

Love, Audrey

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