Sunday, February 11, 2007

Broken Dreams, Fulfilled Promises

I have decided that when I add a book to my "book list", I'll post a little something about it here. You might decide you want to read it; you might want to comment on it if you already have.

I met the author of Broken Dreams, Fulfilled Promises at a friend's house over here. She graciously met several of us from our church and gave her testimony. It was amazing, and I wanted to share it with people back home, so I bought her book.

Worried about anything? Feeling like the challenges in life are too hard? Read this. Carolyn Ros underwent serious trials when her husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor and couldn't remember ANYTHING when he came out of the surgery. They had three small children.

I may go against the grain here, but in the States dwelling on your problems and figuring out their roots and taking a "woe is me" attitude is encouraged by the media and medical world, sometimes even the Christian community. Carolyn takes it all back to God and gives concrete examples of how to be His child in even the deepest valleys. She is very wise and very transparent.

I have the book, and I would love to pass it around when I get home. What a wonderful blessing it was to meet Carolyn and to be able to share her experiences with those I love.


alisha said...

that was great the you were able to talk with the author of the book you liked. i am interested to see the book and what she has to say.

Have you checked your emails from me? Just curious, hadn't heard anything back, I know you are busy, with everything in Bali. Talk to you soon, I hope.

Anonymous said...

This is terrible - I set aside 9-10pm as my Women of Grace time tonight. It's 9:54pm and I haven't read any of it yet! I love checking your blog. It's nice to see a family picture now that you have someone to take it. The fields below you are something else. I'm glad you're writing about the booklist books. I'm thankful to be keeping up on my necessary reading right now, but appreciate having info for when I can have that one extra leisure/spiritual book to have around. Love, Audrey

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