Sunday, December 31, 2006


"See you!" = "Sampai jumpah" (phonetic spelling)
Thomas' version = "Bee-boe Bee-bah" (locals love this)

At home, if there is going to be road construction or a detour, signs are up for weeks letting people know of the coming change. There are no surprises. Well, in Bali this is not the case. We left our hotel in Kuta yesterday (New Year's Eve) at 4:30pm to go to church in another town. We came home at around 8:00pm and found all possible routes to our hotel blocked by police barricades. At first we weren't sure if we had missed a bomb, but were assured that this was a safety precaution and the roads would be open by 2am. Whew!

"We have sleeping babies, and our hotel is there, we cannot drive there?"
"Road open maybe at 2."
"But we have to go to hotel."
"Maybe you parking that way and use feet."

Ah! What sillies we are! So Charlie dropped Thomas and I off as close to our hotel as he could and left with Charles to try to find some safe parking. He ended up at a mall 1.5 miles away and actually ran into the guy who rented us the car. It was perfect. They parked the car at the guy's house in a garage and the guy gave Charlie and Charles a ride to the end of the street. Problem solved. Just another day learning the interior workings of Bali.

We have found the church and attended twice: Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve (last night). We have made some friends there and are excited to be meeting some for lunch today and maybe get more housing leads. It has been great to find such friendly people at the church, and the boys even went to Sunday School. We've met two families with kids and were able to get together with them last week. One family is even from Orange County! What fun!

I hope everyone's holidays have been great!!! Enjoy New Year's Eve!


alisha said...

Wow what a driving adventure. Glad that you are all doing well. We miss you all. Hope you had a great New Years and that the lunch with new friends will help you with some housing leads.
Thinking of you,
love Dave, Alisha and Aubrey

mom said...

Hi Sweetie, Glad you are all safe and sound.Like Alisha said, we miss you all. It's good that you made it to church and found some new friends. Hopefully a home will soon follow. We love you all. Hugs all around.

Anonymous said...

It is so delightful to read your are always so upbeat! Thanks for keeping us posted. We are glad you are all well. We miss you all.
Love, Kelli and family

Anonymous said...

It was so very odd - and a little bit cool - to read your New Year's Day post in the afternoon of New Year's Eve. I felt a bit like a time traveler.


Uncle Joe said...

Maybe when I writing I use words.
You gotta love the pidgin english. What's great is sometimes the way they say it makes more sense than "plain English". In Viet Nam they used a hodgepodge of French, English & Vietnamese, which was really fun. Hang on to all these stories... maybe you can get a book out of them somewhere down the road. You could call it "Travels with Charlie". Oh yeah, that one's already been used.
Anyway, keep them coming.
Glad you finally found a church and met some homey's.
Can we (should we) send you pictures?? Where's the best place to send them??
Love you guys

Candace said...

hey guys -glad to hear all is as well as can be. I really enjoy reading your postings, and now realize what a true adventure your trip is. Everything is status quo here - kids are sick, but on the mend. We had a great Christmas - Joe took the week before off and had the week after off. We took a couple of day trips. One to Morro Bay and Cambria on a beautiful day and to Ventura to check out Lowes (we might be in construction when you guys get back). We also took a two day trip to Disneyland with my parents. We had our small share of adventures. Joe forgot about Rylie and left her by the car while bringing a sleeping Logan into the hotel. My mom went to the hospital for a fast heart beat(she's just fine). Logan was so tired the second day her fell asleep at 5:00 for a nap, and slept through a diaper change and a fire alarm. Rylie meet both Mickey and Minnie Mouse and Nathan rode Pirates of the Carribean and Star Tours. We had a great time, but don't need to go again for another three years. Sorry this is so long, but I thought you might want to hear what is going on here too.
We miss you guys and pray for you whenever we see the boys picture on the fridge.
May God keep you safe,

joysnatcher said...

Okay Candace, I was cracking up when reading your post. It sounds like you've had a great time. I love reading about what's going on at home. (Rylie just waited by the car? I assume she made it up to the room at some point.)

Chris- It's really a trip experiencing every day before anyone else at home. Also calling home and having Mom & Dad be exeriencing Christmas Eve when Christmas Day is just finished over here.

Uncle Joe - I love the English, what's funny is WE start talking that way almost immediately when we're talking to the locals. We sound like we don't know what we're saying.

Also interesting is hearing a Balinese speak broken English with an Austrailian accent! (mostly Aussies over here)

alisha said...

Hi kids, just saying hello and let you know we are thinking of you, hope all is going well. Can only imagine how busy you are. How is the house hunt going? And the business how is that doing too? Did the boys have a good warm Christmas? We miss you all, love us

Anonymous said...

Hey! It was so much fun to finally catch up on your blog and read all your stories, they made me laugh. It sounds like you are truly on a grand adventure. We are surviving over here, I'm over the worst of mono, but now we all have some sort of cold thing. I think of you so often and miss you so much. When I'm having a rough day I think of you in another country and the trials you are pushing through and that you probably have a good attitude about it too and it encourages me to have a good attitude too.

Sarah is growing up so fast and makes us laugh everyday with all her new words. We are planning her Cinderella birthday for February. My whole family might come down for it.

Sam is crawling and is pretty fast. He loves time with Pappas and loves to jump.

I joined a book club and am loving it. We are reading Little Women now and it is wonderful. Then we get together every five weeks and talk about it over a potluck dinner/girls night.

Danny and I are doing great learning to love through sickness and health.

I'm glad to hear that you are doing well and ejoying the ride God has you on right now.

Genesis 18:14 is my theme right now. "Is anything too hard for the Lord?" This is God saying this to Abraham after Sarah laughed about having a son. When I think of things that I think are impossible I ask myself this questions and then I am able to pray and give it over to Him.

love you and ejoy your updates!


Aunt Marge said...

What a pleasure it is to read about your adventures. It is always amazing in other countries how they manage to get aroung. Someone was telling me the other day that in Rome there are not even any lines anywhere. I agree with Uncle Joe, you should write this stuff down. If nothing else the boys would love it when they are older. Take care and remember all of us at home who love you.
Hugs and Kisses to you all.

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