Friday, December 22, 2006

Asian Christmas

We haven't found a house yet. We've spent the last few days looking and think we know the general area we want to be in. So far the houses we've looked at have been phenonmenal, but $1500/month is more than we want to spend. Yesterday we found out that we should be able to get an amazing house for $3,000/year, so apparently we haven't found the right connections. Our attempts last week at going to church were foiled, so we hope to attend on Christmas Eve and maybe people there will have some suggestions.

Speaking of Christmas, where is it? It's hard to think of Christmas when it's so warm outside. A lot of the shops and restaurants have Christmas trees (fake ones) and "Merry Christmas" signs, and if you go to the big stores they are having Christmas sales and some restaurants have lights up, so we are reminded about Christmas. But I'm guessing the atmosphere is a lot like Hawaii right now. There are tons of Australians over on holiday (families and the younger crowd), so it's kind of like one big party. I suspect the Balinese are only playing up the commercial side of it since they're Hindu. They don't really get what it's all about, but they know they can make money off it, and maybe have a few drinks.

As for the Halsell family, we are talking about getting the boys boogie boards for Christmas and will probably have a fun dinner at one of the restaurants. We plan on going to church Christmas Eve and hopefully we'll be able to find it this time!!


mom said...

You're all in our thoughts and prayers. Hope Charlie is making progress on the business side of things. I know you must be learning a lot. What a great adventure! Hugs and kisses.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Eve, Halsells! If the 3 Kings could find Jesus, heaven should help you find a church for His birthday celebration. I think about you so much! Audrey

alisha said...

Merry Christmas, we are thinking about you and hope all is going well. We miss you all. Give the boys hugs and kisses from us.
Hope you enjoy your nice warm Christmas in Bali. :)
Love you guys
Dave, Alisha and Aubrey

Uncle Joe said...

Sounds like you're in an episode of The Amazing Race. We're extremely jealous and in awe of the courage it took to do this.
The website is a great idea because we'll be living vicariously thru you anyway. You're a good writer too Christy.
This is such a great thing especially for the boys.
love joe & meredith

joysnatcher said...

Hi Uncle Joe and Aunt Meredith! I'm glad to see you here. Thanks for checking up on us. I hope you had great holidays - we missed you at Thanksgiving.

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