Monday, December 04, 2006

Thanksgiving - A.M.

At 6:30 Thanksgiving morning Charlie's sister, Phyllis, and I could be found driving to San Luis Obispo for our big run. Every year Charlie and I set goals and this year one of mine was to do a 6-mile run. A way to (hopefully) inspire me to get in better shape after having Thomas. Phyllis has been running with me for the past few months.
I couldn't find a 6-mile run to do before we leave for Bali, so we found this 8-mile run. I was not sure I was ready. But I called Phyllis and she immediately said she was in. What's a girl to do with such a go-getter sister-in-law? We did it. And we met our goals: 10-minute miles, and not to be last (that was pretty much my main goal). Yay!Me on the left, Phyllis on the right. Not bad scenery we got to run amidst...who knew there were so many wineries on the central coast?Charlie towed the boys in the bike trailer and was our personal photographer and encourager throughout the race. We did it! What a great start to Thanksgiving day!

I have to admit, it may have been helpful to know that running 8 miles Thanksgiving morning entitled us to guilt-free eating (and eating) later that day. I may have had more than one dessert. That's all I'll say.


Lacey said...

Yay! Go sistas-in-law! What beautiful pictures.

alisha said...

Good for you! What a great way to start the day.

Mom said...

I'm proud of you! I know it's been hard to get your body to the great shape it's in now and you've worked hard doing it.
There's no doubt you needed that extra food on Thanksgiving!!! Give the boys hugs for us.

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