Thursday, November 09, 2006

I Promised

I got back from Bible study late (because I love to visit with my sister-in-law, I confess) and there seems to be a pile of laundry on the couch. Our washer went out this week and so I haven't followed my very detailed laundry schedule.

It appears that sometimes when your washer goes off-balance it might remain off-balance, then you are doing laundry until it really breaks and it starts to leak - rats! You might have been hoping to nurse it along for another month, because you're going to move, but the washer just couldn't hack it.

Luckily my husband got right on it once we realized there was no way to make it work. We dolled out a hearty $50 for one on Craig's list and in one day it's set up and ready to go! What a great guy! We actually looked into buying a new one, but we're leaving for Bali soon and it would be no use from there.

I promised myself I wouldn't expect great things of my laundry catch-up. I promised myself (very quietly, so nobody else could hear), that I would not be the usual over-acheiver and expect ALL laundry from the week to be folded and put away by tonight. I even allowed for it to pile up on the couch for a day or two - as long as it was clean. But now I'm disappointed to find that I did not fold it. I'm not folding it now, either.

But Bible study was fun. And the boys had so much fun at home with Daddy! (they got to watch "Cars" and made fun Cheerio treats - akin to Rice Krispy treats). You can't ask for more than a happy family, right? And clean, though wrinkled, laundry.

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