Monday, October 30, 2006

Fun With Charles and Thomas

Wow, two posts in one day...a first.

So we're at my mom and dad's for a little bit - Charlie has more meetings up here. Mom and I made costumes for the boys and spent some time with sickies. Charlie and I were up late Friday cleaning C and his pants and the carpet and his bed. Saturday a.m. my mom and I had a lovely day planned that did NOT involve two boys waking right at the beginning of morning naps with the runs - everywhere. We spent about two hours cleaning a variety of messes (T had four episodes in 30 minutes) and the rest of the day we all recovered - most of us, T still had issues - at least 6 more times.

The boys are better now. Yay. They even recuperated in time for a pumpkin patch trip Sunday. I will say that T is a bit fussy. Fussy at all is odd for him.

Last night I awoke at two in the morning to Charles' hysterical cries. I jump out of bed and see that the hall light is on. I run down the hall and into the kitchen and see my son buckled into his booster chair crying (he can buckle himself in, but can't get out). Shock and chagrine. What is he doing in the booster chair? I take him out and notice the apple lying on the table. "Did you eat that whole apple?" He nods.

Charles is a slow apple-eater. I give him a whole apple very rarely, and when he does get one it takes him a good 20min to eat half of it. This was a large apple, completely eaten. What is he thinking when he awakes at one in the morning? "Hm, I'd really enjoy an apple. Nobody's up! I guess I'll get it myself. Hey, I better remember to get in my chair. Can't forget to buckle up, don't want to get in trouble." I was dumbfounded and didn't know what to say.

"You can't get up by yourself. You have to come get Mommy."

I guess I'll just hope that works. What if he had gone into the backyard? What if he had decided to cut the apple up himself? Egads! At home he would have been able to turn on a movie (doesn't have that figured out at Grammy's yet, or he would have still been up this morning, having watched Nemo four times). I almost don't believe it happened. My very independent son.

You know what I think? I wouldn't trade it for the world. Not the worry. Not the work. Not the messes.


alisha said...

Hey there, two posts in one day, that is great!! What did the boys end up being for Halloween? We are so sad that it didn't work out for us to go trick or treating with you all.
Are you guys still in town? How did Charlie's meeting go with Gary? Hope to talk to you soon and hope you got all my really long messages yesterday! :)

We will keep you updated on Dave's ankle.
Oh, and how long did the boys have the runs?? I know fun question (sorry). Then I will know how many more days I have to go with my little one. The countdown is on. :):)

joysnatcher said...

C was a cowboy and T was an indian. The costumes turned out really cute - once we're home and have a faster connection I'll post some pics.

They only had the runs for a day - but we started them on the BRAT diet right away (bananas, rice, apples, toast) that always seems to help a lot. I don't know what you can do with Aubrey not eating gluten, but when they're sick they don't usually seem to mind not having lots of options. Hope she feels better soon!

be_a_Mary said...

OH my goodness! I can't believe this story! It is classic! I wonder if he sleep walks? I recall my mom waking me up once in jr. high. i was taking a shower asleep!

he must have been REALLY hungry, poor guy, and what does he reach for but an apple? Most kids would plumage the pantry for goodies, but not YOURS! :)

Lacey said...

What a sweet song! I laughed so hard hearing it, as did Paul. I'm glad the boys are feeling better. Thanks for the note, we are very excited too!

Its been a rough few weeks though, I am quite nauseous all the time and its a struggle to force myself to eat. I also have a hard time functioning on less than 11 hours of sleep. Did you get very sick when you were pregnant with the boys too?

Anyway hope you are enjoying your visit up north, talk to you later!

alisha said...

Looking forward to seeing pics. of the boys in their costumes. How fun!! I wish we could have been there. I know you are probably on the road right now, but when you get home and get settled we would love to know how everything is going. I emailed you too, so if you check that it has a few more questions from your nosy sil. :)

We will let you know what happens at Dave's appt. today.
Love us

Anonymous said...

I remember days like that! Glad everyone's better.

Oh, and my son still wanders around the house in the middle of the night. I have nightmares about it, but Andy keeps telling me I'm overreacting.

call me Ishmael said...

Hey, why am I anonymous?!

joysnatcher said...

I don't know why you're anonymous. You were "call me ishmael" until I just looked. Hmmm.

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