Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Growing Up

When my younger bro was in first grade he came home and said "I'm not David, I'm Dave." So the story goes. We all proceeded to call him David, but at school and elsewhere he became "Dave".

They're growing up faster now, I hear it everywhere. Charles has been "Baby Charles" since his birth. Everyone at Cardinal Village and Charlie's neices and nephews (all 21 of them) called him that. Well, no more!

He was playing at the beach with his cousins one day and I can imagine the scenario went something like this...Charles is bumping down sandcastles and filling in painstakingly dug holes with his clumsy toddler-ness and the cousins are disdainfully complaining: "Noooo, Baby Charles, don't do that." "Baby Charles, stop messing it up." and etc.

Charles eventually finds his way to me with his sad look. "Mine no Baby Cha-woes". "You're not Baby Charles?" "NO! Mine Big Cha-woes!" And so it goes. My baby is now big. He hasn't forgotten either. I asked him later if he was Baby Charles and he responded with a heartfelt "no! Mine Big Cha-woes!" Nevermind that he can't quite pronounce what he's trying to say, he's big!

I'm a little sad to leave "Baby Charles" behind, but I do so like the new Big Charles that I'll go with it.

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