Friday, October 20, 2006

Grocery Store

Mostly I wait until Charlie is done with work and head out for the grocery store and Walmart and Costco sans kiddies. I find I am more coherent and can really focus on saving money, which is what I like to do. However, I have been known to run errands with my children as well.

The other day we went to the store before I taught at the gym. I had my doubts. Thomas' favorite past-time at the store is trying to wiggle out of the seatbelt in the cart while growing hilariously excited over every balloon/colorful display/child/adult/piece of candy/etc. Charles is a big helper, but has been know to sit on a few select items, and maybe drop a few(because he sits in the big part of the cart, which is strictly forbidden according to the pictures on the seat flap-I'm such a rebel). I'm making it sound much worse than it is. But it can be quite amusing, to say the least.

Enter the "Car" cart. You know. You go to the fancy-schmancy grocery stores and they have three or so ginormous carts with a car attached to the front. What a riot! What a pain! I would never use one of those! Can't people just control their kids? Give me a break!

Until Charles sees it and excitedly and hopefully asks me for "dat one". Weeeell. I did schedule a lot of time for this excursion so we wouldn't risk being late for the gym. I don't need a lot of stuff. Heck, why not?

This was the best decision I have made in quite some time. It was my favorite trip to the grocery store. The boys sat in the front of the cart driving (it is equiped with two steering wheels...genious!) and saying "hi" to everyone while I bought the items I wanted with minimal squishing. To top it all off, they had sugar Halloween cookies out for samples. I was the best mom that day. We had so much fun.

You might think it would be a pain to push, but really, is it ever easy to push a shopping cart? Don't you always get the lamest one in the line-up?

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